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22.03.2024 - COXA WR1 Race in pink available

The COXA WR1 Race hydration belt is now also available in pink as a "Special Edition" at Perfect for training and racing for quick drinking and stowing bars on the go. Whether on roller skis, cross-skates, running or cross-country skiing.

21.02.2024 - New Marwe roller skis available

With the new season, we are offering the new roller skis from Marwe in Finland. New are the FX models, which are equipped with a composite handlebar. These replace the well-known XC models - but continue to ride on the familiar Finnish wheels. The shafts are now more stable and more ski-like at the same time. In the aluminum roller ski segment, Marwe has launched the 730 A, which follows on from the well-known long shafted skis from NORDICX, IDT and SweNor.

11.01.2024 - New fluorine free ski waxes

We offer the fastest and most durable non fluorine ski waxes here. Check training and race waxes without fluor for every day use. Made for Marathon races or liquid waxes for small distance races. Works with FIS reglement and recommend for xc-ski races with non fluorine reglement.

21.12.2023 - Merry X(C)-MAS

Dear customers, we wish all Nordic fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024. Our shop will be closed from 28.12.-02.01.24. There will be no dispatch and no advice during this time. You can reach us again Wednesday from 10am by phone. Shipping will also start on Wednesday 03.01.24. Last shipping day in the old year is Friday until 12 noon.

23.11.2023 - NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree at Ushuaia-Loppet

Our customer Leonardo took part in the Ushuaia Loppet in Argentina with the NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree. The race is one of the southernmost ski races in the world - 1000km from Antarctica. The Aschberg Classic Waxfee is an full waxfree classic ski - no need for gripwax or glide wax in all condition. Thank you Leonardo for these great pictures.







14.11.2023 - New G-Form protector pant

New G-Form protector pant with different protectors. The protectors provide perfect fitting by anatomic shape and soft structure. While crashing, the protectors becomes hard and provide best protection. Later, they are soft again. Perfect protection & comfort, washable and functional. Works for other sports like skiing and biking as well. More information here.

25.10.2023 - NEW Rossignol boots at

In new winter season 2023/24 we offer the Rossignol X-IUM WCS Race Skate boots and Rossignol X-8 xc-ski boots. The X-IUM is made for racers like fast skiers and marathon athletes. The X-8 made for ambitious beginners and advance skaters. Both prepare good handling and comfortable fitting.

18.10.2023 - New Alpina Pro Skate & Classic at

New xc-ski season starts with new race boots from Alpina - the new 2024 Pro Skate and Pro Classic. Both come with carbon at heel and Shaft (skate version) and with new Alpina sole. The boots provide better power tranfer, more control and better comfort. We recommend for speed fans, marathon racers and hobby skiers who are looking for excellent material. Check Alpina Pro Skate here and Classic version here.

04.09.2023 - New: G-Form protector shirt

New G-Form protector shirt in our shop. You can use it for roller-skiing and cross-skating in summer or as base layer for downhill skiing in winter. The ergonomic protectors provide very good fitting and perfect protection for shoulder and side of the upper body. More information finde here.


10.08.2023 - New COXA WR1 Race available

We offer the new COXA WR1 Race hip bag for rollerski, xc-ski and running - for training and race. Very light bag with perfect fitting and insulated hose. Water resist with two pockets. Check more information here.


01.06.2023 - NEW NORDICX King Classic race skis

We offer a race version of our famous King Classic - called NORDICX King Classic Race. The skis are made for fast training or races in version without locking wheels (for double poling), with locking of back wheels and a version with 4locked wheels (made for uphill races). The NORDICX King Classic Race skis are extreme fast by help of ceramic race bearings and hand made race wheels. For fast training, the ceramic bearings are made for long-life, ne need for maintanance.


09.04.2023 - Happy Eastern

nordicx wishes you happy eastern and best weather for roller-skiing and cross-skating around the world.

22.02.2023 - New rollerski season begins

We are happy and glad to start in a new rollerski season 2023. Hope to get best prepared roads and no tumble! Keep on rolling :-)

12.01.2023 - New Tire Sealant Spray for pneumatic skis and skates

We offer a new tire sealant spray for air-filled cross-skates and rollerskis to repair small punctures without mounting the tire. Open the spray, put it on the valve, press the liquid into the tire, turn the wheel, wait and pump up. Ready to ski now.

02.01.2023 - NORDICX wishes a happy new year 2023

We wish all of our customers a happy new year. Stay healthy and safe while roller-skiing, xc-skiing and other sports. Enjoy!

06.12.2022 - NORDICX xc-skis in stock

We are happy to be ready with production of all NORDICX xc-skis in all sizes and lengths. We are shipping all ordered skis the next days and hope to finish until end of next week. All sizes and stiffnesses are in stock now.

28.10.2022 - NEW NORDICX xc-skis ready until mid of NOV 2022

We are working on finishing our new xc-skis NORDICX ERZ Speed Skate and NORDICX VOGTLAND Classic Skin. Further we are ready with rest sizes of ASCHBERG Classic Waxfree and ASCHBERG Skate Performance. We try to get done until mid of Nov 2022. Thanks for many pre-orders!

10.08.2022 - Safty caps for rollerski ferulles in FIS races

Since June 2022 the international ski asociation FIS changed reglement for roller-ski races: Ferulles need safty caps now because of bad injuries in the past. You can add to standard ferulles and order here.



30.07.2022 - NORDICX in holidays from 01.-05. August

We are in holidays from Monday 1th August to Friday 5th August. In our holidays there is no shipping and no phone service available. We will be back for work on Monday 8th August. Thanks and keep on rolling!

26.07.2022 - NEW Alpina roller-ski boots available now

FINALLY - new Alpina roller-ski boots available at nordicx online shop now. We are very very very happy to offer the new 2023 selection of roller-ski boots for skate and classic from Slowenia. Lighter and stiffer in fresh design. Enjoy and order in our shop now.


12.07.2022 - Pre-Orders for NEW Nordicx VOGTLAND skis

And here is another new xc-ski: The NORDICX Vogtland Classic Skin - xc-skis for quality focussed beginners who are looking for easy gliding skis; and for advance skiers with focus on speed and easy handling. Now pre-orders starting and delivery beginns in autumn 2022. Check the new NORDICX Vogtland Classic Skin here.

25.06.2022 - Pre-Orders for NEW Nordicx ERZ skis

The pre-orders for new NORDICX ERZ Speed Skate xc-skis are starting now - available by autumn 2022. The NORDICX ERZ Speed Skate are made for several athletes from advance skier up to racer. Because of the flexible front and core, these xc-skis are "at home" in different snow type, temperature and relief of snow. By help of the extreme fast Nordicx World Cup (WC) nano race base with universal grinding, the glide resistance is low and wax goes easy and deep into the ski base for long distance skiing. More information to NORDICX ERZ Speed Skate with option for pre order check here.

08.06.2022 - NEW NORDICX Cap

We offer a new NORDICX Cap with xc-skier / roller-skier on top. The cap is adjustable and comes in black. Made in Germany. More information here.




02.06.2022 - COXA carry NEW at nordicx

We offer a new brand - COXA - from Sweden. The brand produces hip bags and rucksacks you can use for xc-skiing and roller-skking.By help of an patented carry system, the bags provide perfect fitting and comfort. You can use them for double poling as well. Next to the bags we offer the new COXA rollerski gloves - good air cirdulation and handling.

16.05.2022 - NORDICX gets 5 of 5 stars

The german nordic magazine xc-ski gave 5 of 5 stars in their rollerski test 2022 for NORDICX King Skate rollerski and NORDICX Premiumline Skate rollerski. We are proud to get that rating. For different restistance we offer all skate rollerskis in fast (speed index 1), medium/standard (2) and in slow speed (3).

29.03.2022 - NEUE 4KAAD Classic Rollerskis in our shop

We offer the 4Kaad Classic Rollerskis. In our range you can find the Classic 7 - an simple aluminum model and the Classic 13 Carbon. The Carbon version comes with an full carbon shaft and provide much on-snow feeling. Both rollerskis have same rubber wheels with locking system on back wheel.

21.03.2022 - Full warehouse

We are full with stock by beginning of new season. We try our best to offer all main articles the full season like last year. Keep on rolling and enjoy roller-skiing!

01.02.2022 - New liquid waxes in stock

Starting with season 2022 we offer lot of new liquid waxes of Holmenkol, HWK, Optiwax and Rode for training and race. They are made for easy waxing, high speed and long resistance. Made for cross country skiing and downhill-skiing as well.

22.12.2021 - NORDICX in vacation from 23th to 31th

We say THANK YOU to our customers for rolling & skiing with nordicx in the year 2021. We wish you merry christmas and a happy new year. Hope to roll with you in 2022 again. From Thursday 23th until 31th December we are closed and recover our batteries for full power in 2022.

10.11.2021 - New RODE ski waxes in our shop

We offer new RODE liquid waxes from now on. The waxes are easy to prepare, maintanance your skis and make them faster. They are used in world cup and provide long life, means that you can ski a lot of kilometers without waxing than standard liquid waxes. Find more information about RODE ski waxes here.

21.09.2021 - NEW Aschberg Classic Race ski

We complete the range of xc-skis with our new ASCHBERG Race Classic skis. The skis are very light and equip by an world cup race base with universal grinding for all snow and temperature. Find more information of our ski rocket NORDICX Aschberg Classic Race here.

06.08.2021 - 17.-20. August VACATION

We are on holydays from Thusday 17th August to Friday 20th August. At this time we are not in office, we are not able to answer mails, phone calls or work on your orders. We will start shipping on Monday 23th August. Mails and phone calls we will answer starting on Monday 30th August. Keep on rolling!

02.06.2021 - NORDICX is rolling for you from 9th to 12th June.

We are on the way to test the newest and freshest rollerskis for you, from Wednesday 9th June to Saturday 12th June. From Tuesday afternoon to Friday there is no shipping and no customer service available. We will be back on Monday to work on all orders. 

Thanks for your support.

22.04.2021 - The rollerski time starts.

We are happy to start a new rollerski season with our customers. We are very happy to work on your orders and prepare your skis. If you have problems to get us on the phone, please writa an mail and we try to answer soon. Keep on rolling - your team!

10.12.2020 - FFS Skate at

We are proud to offer all roller-ski fans the new norwegian brand FFS in our shop. With the FFS Skate the scandinavian company offers a very ski-similar rollerski with diffrend speed types. The FFS Classic is famous for its new tunnel-wheels and long shaft for maximum on-snow feeling - comes in different speed types as well.

Check here for more information about FFS rollerskis.

24.11.2020 - NEW!!! NORDIC ICE SKATES

This season we start offering nordic ice skates and equipment. The skates are equip by an rollerski or xc-ski binding. You can use xc-ski boots and xc-ski or rollerski-poles to skate on ice. A really fresh sport in nordic style on ice.

Check our products for nordic ice skating here.

11.11.2020 - New NORDICX xc-skis available

We offer a new race skate - the NORDICX V-974 Race Skate. Nomex core, carbon reinforced and warm-base with wet structure for temperature from -4°C up to +10°C. The skis are fully focussed on speed, less wight and maximum power transfer. A serious pair of xc-skis for serious skiers.

06.11.2020 - NEW SweNor Carbon roller-skis in stock

After some month SweNor is ready to offer their new carbon skate rollerski. The skis are made to provide maximum on-snow feeling in summer by lowered balance point and ski-similar shaft made out of carbon. Now the norwegian company plays again in area of 4Kaad, Marwe and Swix.

Find more information about SweNor Skate Carbon rollerski here.

01.08.2020 - nordicx works on new skis and roller-skis

In summer we did a tour to the Dachstein glacier in Austria. Next to do the best sport in summer - xc-skiing - we went out for testing our new NORDICX prototypes of xc-skis and roller-skis. Stay tuned for our rockets in the upcomming seasons...




16.03.2020 - Usual work at nordicx

We are in regular work and work on your orders like every day. Shipping out of Germany works as usal but it takes maybe a little bit longer than usual these days.

20.02.2020 - NEW Swix rollerskis

If you are finished with winter this year, we offer new SWIX Roadline Skate and Roadline C2 Classic for you. The rollerskis come in fresh design - the classics with new wheels (for easy change) and the well-kown ski feeling like last year models. 



10.02.2020 - NEW HWK ski waxes in stock

This season is not over - that's why we start offering HWK ski waxes from Austria from now on. There are some waxes which are biodegradable. You can use for skate and classic style as well or to care skin on your skis.



18.11.2019 - Full waxfree classic skis available

We offer our first free of wax xc-skis - the NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree. There is no need for any glide or kick wax. The base comes with a special Nano base to provide maximum long-life and maximum speed. 



15.10.2019 - NORDICX roller-skis from Klingenthal are the best on market

The german magazine Nordic Sports voted our rollerskis in their roller-ski test in 10/2019 to the six best skate roller-skis on market. The NORDICX Hybrid Skate 125 and the NORDICX Skate Professional are two of them. Further the magazine gave the zertificate "Tipp in fitness/fun" for the Hybrid Skate 125 and "Tipp for beginners skate" for the Skate Professional 700.


12.09.2019 - NEW NORDICX roller-ski wheel

By end of the summer, we offer a new NORDICX premium wheel - the High-End roller-ski skate wheel. The name is program - premium polyurethane with unbelivable grip and longlife combined with on-snow feeling and smooth rolling. The rim is made out of extra light and stable aluminum to provide optimal temperature transfer and straight rolling. For all 100mm skate roller-skis. Check out here.

17.08.2019 - 4KAAD roller-skis NEW at

We have 4KAAD roller-skis from Finland in stock now. The premium roller-ski called 4KAAD V10 Skate Carbon comes with a fullcarbon shaft and lowered frame for maximum on-snow feeling. To see mor information of 4KAAD V10 Skate Carbon click here.


17.07.2019 - NORDICX Professional 700 with brand new wheels

From now on we offer our top roller-ski NORDICX Skate Professional 700 with standard wheels and NEW, with premium polyurethane wheels in three different speed types. Skiers from german national team in xc-skiing and roller-skiing do their training on our skis and lot of teams in Scandinavia.


08.06.2019 - supports new athletes

With young athlete Moritz Kirschner we support a new champion in roller-skiing form Germany. The 2001 born athlete is new German Champion of juniors in roller-skiing - on NORDICX Wold Cup race roller-skis with ceramic bearings. We say thanks for skiing on high-end material made in Germany and wish a great season.








15.05.2019 - supports the german national team roller-skiing

This season, is on of the official supporter of the German National-Team in roller-skiing. We are proud to support a young and fresh team in world cups and other races on roller-skis.





03.04.2019 - KV2 and SkiGo poles with QCD system

KV2 offers theire poles starting from Tempesta model with the new quick change system (QCS). It allows easy changing of the tips by turning. To use the poles on both - skis and roller-skis - becomes more easy. SkiGo starts by middle of April with same system on Roller100 and Roller50. Really good idea!

05.03.2019 - Start into new roller-ski year

We are happy to start into the new roller-ski and cross-skating year 2019. Our shop offers a range of new products from NORDICX, Skike and other brands. Just take a look and check out our new offers. Like the last times before, we will mount all ordered parts professional and individual for you. Hope to see you happy and healty on skates and roller-skis from our shop. ENJOY AND KEEP ON ROLLING :-)

26.11.2018 - goes xc-skiing

After a long time of several tests we are proud to present our skis KLINGENTHAL and ASCHBERG. We'll release in January 2019. Pre-orders are welcome now. For more information please check the KLINGENTHAL WORLD CUP SKATE and the ASCHBER PERFORMANCE SKATE here.

20.11.2018 - NORDICX Premiumline Skate

We offer our new skate roller-ski - the NORDICX Premiumline Skate roller-skis. Extreme on-snow feelingwith lower balance point, weight reduced and balanced optimized shaft. Premium wheels for maximum handling and long-life. Adjustable to 125mm pneumatic wheels for bad roads. Made in Germany. More information about the NORDICX Premiumline Skate here.

02.11.2018 - Skike V9 Tour 200 NEW at

We stock the new SKIKE V9 Tour 200 now. The skates are made for up-hill touring and ski mountaineering in snow free time. With brake and locking system of the wheels. Check more information here.


15.10.2018 - Rollski-Sachsencup got new winners

We are proud to present the new winners in 2018 of roller-ski race series in Germany called " Rollski Sachsencup". The winners are Paul Schwär and Rosa Zimare. sponsored two pairs of Nordicx World Cup Race roller-skis with ceramic bearings from Klingenthal of 800€ value. We are happy and glas to be sponsor in 2019 as well.



12.10.2018 - NORDICX Hybrid Skate 125mm roller-ski

New developped 125mm pneumatic wheeled roller-skis for skate style. Easy change to 100mm wheels. Made for bad asphalt tracks or Scandinavian roads. Weight optimized shaft with air-craft aluminum, optimized balance point and very stable handling. Flex for nordic feeling in summer. See more about the NORDICX Hybrid Skate 125 here.

04.09.2018 - NEW: Powerslide XC-Skeleton Trinity cross skates

Now available: NEW Powerslide XC-Skeleton Trinity cross-skates for off-road skating. Optimized cuff and brake to former version. For more information check here.




02.08.2018 - NORDICX Skate Professional 700 in our web shop

We release our new long rocket roller-ski, the new NORDICX Skate Professional 700 - a extra long shaft provide maximum stability and on-snow feeling while doing the kick. Check here.

23.05.2018 - NEW Skike V9 Fire 200

Since one week we offer the new Skike V9 Fire 200 cross skates - made for real off-road skating. The skates come with 200mm wheels and with an light and flexible shaft. Further heel lift system and locking device on front wheels make them to an real all-rounder in several terrain. More information here.


23.04.2018 - German running champion on NORDICX King Classic

The german running champion Thea Heim does their training on NORDICX King Classic rollerskis for the up comming season. We say thanks to trust in rollerskis from Klingenthal and wish Thea a perfect season!







13.03.2018 - Rollerski and Cross-Skating saison starts

The snow is melting in the mountains and the south of Europe is in spring feeling. Time to check the roller-skis and skates. If they are too old for you we can help. For example the company Skike comes with their new V9 Fire 200 Cross-Skates - 200mm wheeled skate for real off-road skating. Pre-orders welcome. Releasing by beginning of April.

22.01.2018 - NEW KV2 roller-skis in stock

Now we offer a few new roller-skis of the Swiss brand KV2 / KV+ in our range. Just take a look and find new classic and skate roller-skis.


03.11.2017 - NEW NORDICX Rollerskis

After we launched the NORDICX King Skate, we start the autumn with the NORDICX Junior Classic and NORDICX King Classic rollerskis. The skis have a stable and ski-similar shaft. The wheels are made for long life and on-snow feeling. For more information regarding our NORDICX rollerskis click here.

26.09.2017 - Austrian wold cup skier on NORDICX King Skate rollerski

We are proud that the austrian xc-skier Jasmin Brechtold uses our roller-ski NORDICX King Skate for their summer training. She wants to take part in world cup 2018 in Seefeld. "The  rollerskis provide a smooth feeling by an feeling known form skiing". We wish her maximum success for the coming winter.



12.09.2017 - Our roller-ski shirt NORDICX Premiumline made in Germany

For roller-skiers made: Our NORDICX Premiumline roller-ski shirt made in Germany. High function parts and high quality. Made for other outdoor sports as well. Next to the shirt we offer the NORDICX rollerski pant. Check here for more information.


30.08.2017 - NEW: KV2 roller-ski boots

NEW at web shop for roller-skis and cross-skates: The KV2 roller-ski boots for classic and skate style with NNN-system. More information here.




29.06.2017 - New ONE WAY roller skis in stock now

We are offering ONE WAY roller skis now. You can buy fair price roller skis for skate and classic. Just take a look at our skate and classic models and find ONE WAY roller skis.

22.05.2017 - Our skate roller-ski: NORDICX King Skate

Now you can skate in king-style - xc-similarity on our roller-skis NORDICX King Skate. The roller-skis are made with an extreme low balance point to provide an extrem good and stable handling. More information here.


15.04.2017 - XC-Races a half year in Scandinavia

Our customer took a half year off and went to North Europe by beginning of the last season for doing xc-ski races. He took place in several races (Vasaloppet, etc.). Now he is in the North for the Nordenskiöldsloppet. In this half year he told that he met wonderful people, vistit amazing places and nature; and did so much skiing like never before. For those of you who want to do the same in the comming season we recommend roller-ski training on our skis ;-)

Nice Eastern to all roller-ski and nordic-ski fans all over the world.

21.03.2017 - New season is running

The new roller-ski and cross-skating season is running now. We are glad to present you new products around roller-skiing and cross-skating. Just take a view at our job and enjoy. Your team of

24.11.2016 - New SkiGo Head Band Race available

New SkiGo Head Band Race available. For men and women in black and white. High functional. See more here.






02.11.2016 - Bright training in dark days. New Coast FL75 head light.

THE partner for your training in dark autumn - the new Coast FL75 head lamp. Easy to put on helmet, maximum 405 lumens and 140m light. For roller-skiing the brightest position is recommend - in winter on nordic-skis you can switch to middle (medium) position. The power comes from AAA-batteries. Clever light and less weight (104gr). More information to Coast FL75 here.

28.10.2016 - NEW Botas boots available

The ALLROUNDER: New Botas Dynamic SNS and NNN / Prolink available now. The boots are made for roller-skiing and nordic-skiing and classic/skate style as well. By help of the stable plastic shaft the boots allow motion to front and back (for classic) and stablility to the side (for skate). The functional and breathable upper material protects from water, dirt, snow and cold. Check more information here.

26.09.2016 - SRB XRS06/07 incl. aluminum rim

The SRB XRS06 and XRS07 cross-skates are available incl. aluminum rim. For those who are seeking for more control and stability offroad and onroad, the stiffer rims are more than just an option. Next to the material we offer a version with locking device system (one-way) included into the rear wheels.

20.07.2016 - New KV2 rollerski in our shop

We offer the new skate roller skis KV2 Falco Skate. The shaft is made out of composite for maximum on-snow feeling in summer. The wheels are made out of rubber for good grip and perfect handling. For more information about the KV2 Falco Skate check here, please.

25.06.2016 - The Großklockner on rollerskis

Our customer Holger sent us a picture of the Großglockner Up-Hill Race. There were over 2300 bikers and 3 rollerski athletes. On 13.5km and 1,330 meters height, Holger took his Stamina skate roller skis to finish in a vey good time.  







19.06.2016 - Roller-Skiing in Singapore

Our customer Thomas sent us this picture from Singapore. He was happy to do his sport far away from his home. For lying and traveling with your rollerski stuff we recommend the Skike Telescope poles.You can pack in 80cm size. There is no problem any more with too long poles.




16.06.2016 - goes up-hill

A customer sent us some pictures of hill-climbing in Switzerland with rollerskis from There are a lot of up-hill tracks in the Alps for training. In autumn 2016, the La Diagonela Summer Race takes part - a uphill race with classic rollerskis.





13.06.2016 - supported the german rollerski championship in Radeburg 2016

In the beginning of June the german championship for roller-skiing took part in Radeburg. was the suporter of the race and give one pair of Quionne rollerskis to the first man and woman. Next to rollerskis the kids get SkiPac rollerski bags for their good results.








23.05.2016 - Vauhti roller skis

We are presenting a new roller ski brand in our shop. The finnish company VAUHTI - famous for ski wax and their roller skis. To see our VAUHTI products please check here.



22.04.2016 - New Marwe rollerski in our shop

We offer a new skate rollerski - the Marwe 590 XC Skate. The skis come with extra wide wheels for more stability in skate style. Next to the wide wheels the Marwe 590 XC Skate is equip with the famous aircore shaft to similate on-snow kicks in summer. To see more information of the Marwe 590 XC Skate check here.

21.03.2016 - XC-Race season final in Bodenmais

Last weekend we took part in the last xc-race of the season - the Skadiloppet in Bodenmais. The wax companies SWIX and Toko recommended klister waxes for the race (0°C, beginning with sun and icy track). We trust in our experience and wax the SkiGo HF kick wax yellow (-1°C - 5°C). Finally we had one of the fastest skis with good grip and nearly all athletes used klister wax. Our fastest team member finsihed the 24km in 1:16h. Next year we'll be back again.






25.02.2016 - New nordic cross skates @

Before the new season will start we are proud to offer a new skate - the SkiTire CX005 cross skates. Less weight with 1.8kg, stiff and stable aluminum frame, extreme hight quality by made in EU and minimum price - a real allrounder for beginners and advanced skaters. See more here.


23.12.2015 - Merry Christmas

Thanks to all of our customers and have nice X(C)-mas around the globe! 

07.12.2015 - NEW XRS03 at

After the XRS02 we offer the little brother now - the SRB XRS03. The shaft is smaller and made for youngsters and skaters up to boot size 42-43. Another high-end cross-skate made in Germany by SRB. Check more information about the XRS03 cross-skates here.

27.10.2015 - products from made in Germany

We release our own made prducucts for outdoor sports - especially roller-skiing and nordic-skiing - made in Germany. Our product range starts with our NORDICX rollerski vest you can use the whole year. Our focus goes to "clean" products made in Germany with high standards of ethic, ecology and quality.

To see our products click here.

24.09.2015 - Ner rollerski for skate style made in Canada.

From now one we have the new Rundle Sport RS610 Skate rollerski in stock. It's a rollerski like Martin Foucard use for his summer training. The Rundle Sport RS610 Skate has a complete new patented damping system. The forks are free into the shaft and reinforced by rubber pads who provide amazing on-snow feeling. Check information about the Rundle Sport RS610 Skate here.

31.08.2015 - Revolution in roller-skiing - NEW Skike rollerski brake WAHIA in stock now

Now we have the new revolution of roller-skiing in our shop - the Skike rollerski brake WAHIA with center optimized fixation on every nordic and rollerski boot with SNS and NNN system. Made for all rollerskis with 35mm wide wheels and for alle different boot sizes. Check more information of the Skike rollerski brake Wahia here.

11.08.2015 - New in our shop: THE on-snow rollerski for skate

With the new QUIONNE Carbon Fiber Skate rollerski a new time beginns. The amazing flexible shaft give THE on-snow feeling you know from nordic-sking only. With its light weight the handling is amazing smooth and stable as well. Check more information of the new Quionne Carbon Fiber Skate rollerski here.

03.08.2015 - BARNETT RSC Carbon Skate at

After testing the Barnett RSC Carbon Skate we decided to offer in our shop. The skate rollerski provide smooth and stable handling. The the soft wheels and the shaft absorb forces from the ground. Further the carbon frame makes them really light - all under 300€!!! Check more information about Barnett RSC Carbon Skate here.

22.07.2015 - NEW SRB XRS07 at

After the SRB XRS06 cross-skate with 200mm wheels we offer the new XRS07 cross-skate from Germany. The SRB XRS07 is a little bit smaler than the XRS06 but lighter. It's made for athletes up to boot size 43. For small feet athletes the handling becomes better and especially kids and light women will find a really good cross-skate for all conditions. More information of SRB XRS07 cross-skate check here, please.

15.07.2015 - START and I-Gliti rollerskis new at

We are happy to expand our product range with START rollerskis and the I-Gliti SR08 rollerski. START products are from Finland and know for many years. The rollerskis are very light, good quality and made for long-life. Especially the soft polyurethane wheels are made for many kilometers in the summer. Next to rollerskis START offers a huge range of poles and ski waxes, which will follow in the next months in our shop. Beside START we offer a real cheap but good rollerski for beginners and starters - the I-Gliti SR08 Skate.

13.05.2015 - Elpex Evolution Race Skate new in stock!

The Elpex Evolution Race Skate - one of the fastest rollerskis world wide - is in stock now. The rollerski is made out of carbon and fiberglass. The axles have a reinformcement of metal. The Hollowcore race wheels are from Eagl. All parts together provide extreme speed, maximum of power transfer, perfect handling and smooth roller-skiing on rough asphalt.

05.05.2015 - New Clip of SRB XRS01 off road rollerski for skate technique

Our new clip of SRB XRS01 off road rollerski for skate technique. More information of SRB XRS01 check here, please.








28.04.2015 - Our clip of SRB XRS06 Cross Skate

30.03.2015 - New SRB XRS06 cross-skates in stock

New SRB XRS06 cross-skates in stock - made for real off road terrain. The 200 x 50mm wheels provide perfect handling beside of paved roads. Check for more information here, please.



23.03.2015 - Fresh start into the new season.

The new rollerski and cross-skating season comes with new products. For example a new Botas rollerski boot with carbon shaft and a new SRB cross-skate is coming. Now we are testing but you can find the new stuff in our shop really soon. Visit our shop regular and enjoy the new sport goods. Your team.

06.01.2015 - Fresh snow around the slopes in Klingenthal

Die frisch gespurten Loipen rund um Klingenthal warten mit Traumwetter auf seine Besucher. Wir haben es uns heute nicht nehmen lassen, ein Paar Kilometer auf dem neuen Sporten Bohemia Race abzuspulen und die neuen Wachse zu testen. Am 30.01.2015 steht unser Klassikcamp an, zu dem noch freie Plätze vorhanden sind. Mehr Informationen gibt es hier.




29.11.2014 - NEW Yoko poles from Finland in our shop

We are proud to offer new poles from Finland - the Yoko series. Light and stiff high end carbon poles for roller-skiing and nordic cross-skating. Check our poles here.

07.11.2014 - NEW Botas Race Carbon Skate Boots

Now you can buy the new Botas Skate Carbon Pro Race boots with carbon shaft, SNS Pilot sole with carbon plate and water resistance upper layer. The race boots for maximum power transfer an best control on skis and rollerskis. For more information click here




02.10.2014 - New composite rollerski for skate in stock!

New in our shop - the Elpex F1 Composite skate rollerski made in Sweden. Light rollerski with long composite shaft (fiberglass & carbon) for more ski-feeling. Produced on demand only - but we have some in stock for you. More information about the Elpex F1 Composite check here.

05.08.2014 - NEW german rollerski DVD - out now

The new rollerski DVD in german. Tutorial and explanation of skate and classic techniques. Out now for 29,99€ (inkl. free shipping). More information here (in german).



30.07.2014 - rollerski & cross-skating camp in Klingenthal

The team of the guest house Pension Kammloipe, Skischule Klingenthal and want to say Thanks to all participants of our rollerski and cross-skating camp from last weekend. Many rollerski and cross-skating beginners and advanced skiers took part. That's why the event became a very varied aura. Our next camps will start in Septembre (check here - written in german).  



09.07.2014 - Botas rollerski boots available now

We are proud to offer you the Botas rollerski boots for SNS bindings starting now. The boots for classic and for skate are in stock now. For more information check our link and follow the Botas rollerski boots.

25.06.2014 - Elpex Off Road 2014

Finally our new clip of the Elpex Off Road is released. Check the new way of off road roller-skiing with the classic rollerski. And second - enjoy :-)







08.06.2014 - New SKIKE V7 Fix Cross @

New banger: The new SKIKE v7 Fix Cross is now available in our shop. The V7 is a reworked V07 Plus with better straps and quick-release levers. Moreover the design is a little bit new. For passionated nordic-skaters we offer the Skike V7 Fix Cross as bundles with SkiGo Roller80 poles or the SkiGo Elite (incl. summer ferrules). Check the new Skike V7 Fix Cross here.


04.06.2014 - rollerski boots with SNS-system

The whole rollerski world was waiting for a SNS summer boot you can use for roller-skiing only. Now we are proud to present you the Botas Skate Summer and the Botas Classic Summer - boots, specially made for roller-skiing. The summer boots provide perfect air circulation and comfort. We ship them starting at July but you can pre-order them right now. The Botas rollerski boots skate SNS you'll find here - for the Botas rollerski boots classic SNS ckeck here, please.

14.05.2014 - Nearly 165.000 clicks on our YouTube-channel

Last year our YouTube-channel started and offers a lot of technique clips of roller-skiing. We want to say thank for nearly 165.000 clicks around the globe. Stay tuned at

05.05.2014 - Brand NEW: The top model of all skate rollerskis

After long searching we are very proud to present you one of the best - even THE best rollerski for skate technique - The WEASEL MARATHON. A rollerskis complete made in Switzerland with an amazing shaft, own made wheels and amazing design. The Weasel Marathon is determined by perfect stable handling, similar on-snow feeling and an fresh design. We are proud to be the first dealer who offers this rollerski. Check out more information about the Weasel Marathon here.

08.04.2014 - New skate rollerski for beginners

With the Alu Skat, SkiGo offers a new model for the comming season. The skate rollerski has a really light and stable frame with smooth and soft wheels as well. Therefore the SkiGo Alu Skate is recommend for beginners who want to buy a cheap rollerski with good handling and good quality. Check the model in our shop and click the link.


04.04.2014 - fans

A picture made from one of our fans in the south of Germany. Many thanks and good rolling to all our customers and fans all over the world. 





13.02.2014 - New 2014 design of the SweNor Skate Elite

New rollerski season - new design. The SweNor Skate Elite is available in a new design. The inner-life of the SweNor Skate Elite is the same like the last years. Perfect rollerskis need need no refreshing. Find more information of the SweNor Skate Elite and click the link. 


27.01.2014 - NEU: Botas Nordic Race Boots

New in our shop: Botas race boots for nordic-skiing and roller-skiing. The Botas Skate Carbon Pro RS 17 and the Botas Classic Carbon Pro RS 17 are light weight boots with perfect fitting, good control, maximum power transfer and high function. Made in EU with good price. More information check here.


11.01.2014 - Winter is comming back!

The winter is comming back to Germany and Central Europe. Check our skis and ski wax to be prepared for a late comming winter.


15.11.2013 - nordic-gloves incl. smartphone finger tips

We offer the SkiGo X-Skin nordic-gloves incl. smartphone finger tips. Now you can use your phone while wearing your gloves! Check out the functions of this high-class nordic-gloves here.



28.10.2013 - New nordic boots from BOTAS

We are proud to offer you a new boot brand - BOTAS. The botas boots are light and made with high quality in the EU. Especially the good fitting and perfect handling in nordic-skiing and roller-skiing is responsible that you find them now in our shop. We offers models for skating and combined models you can use for classic skiing or if you do sometimes skating. For the Ladies we offer a pure woman boot. Interesting? - ckeck out here.


16.10.2013 - ROLLERSKI OF 2014: The new Elpex Evolution Wasa now in stock.

We are proud to offer you a new high-class rollerski for classic training - The Elpex Evolution Wasa. The Evolution Wasa units nearly all good properties known from the best classic rollerskis: light frame, flexible shaft, high on-snow feeling, soft wheels with good gripp and long-life. That's all in one rollerski. The amazing on-snow feeling is the result of the Elpex patented flex-technologie. For more information about the Elpex Evolution Wasa click here.


09.10.2013 - Rollerski-Camp in Klingenthal

Last weekend our rollerski-camp took part in Klingenthal. Within 3 days the rollerski-fans learnt how to ski in summer. We want to say thanks for 3 funny days in Klingenthal. Our next camp starts in two weeks. For skating fans on nordic-skis we recommend our XC-Skating Camp in Decembre and January in Klingenthal. More information you'll find here.


27.09.2013 - NEW: Stamina rollerskis

From now on you can buy race rollerskis from STAMINA in our online shop. Stamina rollerskis are well known in rollerski races around the globe. The provide maximum speed and perfect controll. The frames are very stiff but light. Stamina rollerskis are not only for racers. Speed fans can use the SRS 1.2 for fast training. You want to know more about Stamina rollerskis - check out here.

19.08.2013 - Camps last weekend in Klingenthal

Last weekend our rollerski- and nordic cross-skating camp took part in Klingenthal. In 3 days all fans of nordic summer sports could lern and improve their skills on nordic-skates and rollerskis. We want to say thanks to all attendees. The next camp is our rollerski camp starting on September 13th from Friday to Sunday. More information check here:



16.08.2013 - in Switzerland

A picture made by our customer Christoph from Switzerland on Pro-Ski C2. Thanks to Christoph and good rolling.






12.08.2013 - goes America

This picture was made by one of our customer named Timothy. West Sweden with best swedish rollerskis made by Elpex. Timothy is rolling on the new Elpex Evolution. Thanks to Timothy for sending the picture and thanks to our customers all around the globe for buying our rollerskis. Keep on roller-skiing! 








05.07.2013 - Rollerski & Cross-Skating Camps

This weekend our Rollerski- & Nordic-Cross-Skating Camp takes place in Klingenthal. In three days all nordic-summer-sport fans can build up their rollerski-technique. Furthermore they can use our pool of test material like cross-skates & rollerskis from Elpex, SRB, SweNor, Pro-Ski, Ski Skett, Powerslide and SkiGo. The next camp starts in the middle of august from16th until 18th august in Klingenthal - the famous winter sport village. If you want to take part you can check more information here (written in german - please use the google translation). Happy to see you there! 



17.06.2013 - is testing the SweNor Skate Elite

A picture of our rollerski test with SweNor Skate Elite. You can see the flexible shaft. Besides a flexible frame the SweNor Skate Elite provides free space to the ground. Just one of a few points why the SweNor is one of our favourit skating rollerski. More infromation or SweNor Skate Elite check here.



10.06.2013 - New xc-racing wheel: Matter F1

The Matter F1 100 Rollerski wheel for xc-races and competitions on rollerskis. Famous and proofed in speed skating and one of the most famous and fastest brand world wide - now available for rollerskis. Check here.



27.05.2013 - @ the Rennsteiglauf

Last weekend the team took part in the Rennsteiglauf - one of the biggest cross races in middle europe. We finished the half marathon distance in 1:25h and 1:30h. After the races we showed our rollerskis to all interested. We want to say many thanks to all visitors from all around Europe. Hope to see you next year again!




14.05.2013 - SweNor new @

New brand SweNor in our shop. SweNor is famous for their rollerskis which are similar to nordic-skis. Especially the skating model Skate Elite is one of the most famous and best rollerski. SweNor rollerskis are used by many professional skiers like Petter Northug. We offer the best skating and classic rollerskis from SweNor. For more information about SweNor check here.

08.05.2013 - Go roller-skiing!

The Team from whis you a nice day off. Take the chance to go roller-skiing or cross-skating in beautiful spring-nature. Have fun and enjoy :-)




29.04.2013 - Ski Skett IBEX in action

See our clip of Ski Skett IBEX - a skating rollerski made for bad roads and offroad skiing. The light weight frame offers perfect handling - onroad and off road. The IBEX is a high class skating model incl. pneumatic tires made in Italy. See our clip and enjoy!





22.04.2013 - New Pro-Ski clip

Our new clip is online. You can see the Pro-Ski C2 Vario rollerski in action. we want to show you how the speed reducers work. You can change the resistance by a screw. Up to 40% resitance is possible! Enjoy our clip of the Pro-Ski c2 Vario!





15.04.2013 - SkiGo XC Skate Carbon

The SkiGo XC Carbon is the skating model for summer. The soft carbon shaft gives you perfect damping on hard ground a reminds you about nordic-skiing in summer. Check out the SkiGo XC Carbon an feel the soft frame. More information here.


12.04.2013 - Elpex Evolution

Today the new Elpex Evolution arrived in our shop. A carbon fibre classic rollerski made for your perfect summer training. The test winner in a lot of rollerski tests in Scandinavia. Training rollerski of several national teams. Check more information about Elpex Evolution here.

28.03.2013 - New clip: Elpex Team 610

Finaly at Eastern we present a new roller-skiing clip for all our fans. See the Elpex Team 610 classic rollerski in action. Maybe you are a little bit surprised about the backround... There's no bad weather for roller-skiing - never! Have fun and enjoy our clip. PS: There are information about this classic rollerski - check here.





21.03.2013 - New weapons from SkiGo

The next season starts and upgrades his armed forces with rockets from SkiGo. The SkiGo XC Classic Carbon is on of our new projectiles. The carbon shaft helps you to triumph in the fight of best training performance. The poles Racing 2.0 with 100% HM-carbon and are our best weapons in the fight for top results in racing. You can check out the SkiGo weapons here.


13.03.2013 - is testing

It doesn't matter if it's winter and snow is falling - is testing the rollerskis for you the hole year long :-) You can see us testing the Elpex Team in Klingenthal on 750m above see level. The next rollerski season is comming soon and we can't wait. The team of wishes you a good start into the next season.


11.03.2013 - summer courses and camps for nordic-skating, roller-skiing and summer-biathlon

The winter ends and spring is coming soon. For all who are interested in learning roller-skiing, cross-skating or wants to try biathlon in summer we offer courses. If you like to know all about the nordic sports in summer we recommend you our camps in the winter-sport centre in Klingenthal. More information (in german) you can get here. For more details in english please use our contact button.

28.02.2013 - Tips for roller-skiing

The new rollerski season begins. Check your poles for good and hard tips and replace the winter discs with rollerski tips. Here you can find tips for roller-skiing and cross-skating. Enjoy!


10.02.2013 - The Pro-Ski C2 Vario

We have a new classic rollerski on stock - the Pro-Ski C2 Vario. The C2 is known as a rollerski for national teams of Sweden, Russia, Norway and Finland. The C2 with speedreducer is the perfect classic rollerski for special training because of the flexible adjustment of the speedreducers. You can choose your own resistance for e.g. downhill or strength-endurace training.

03.02.2013 - The Pro-Ski Skate S5E

We offer - next to a new rollerski brand - a new skating model. The Pro-Ski Skate S5E. It's a rollerski made for young skiers and heavy weight skiers as well. You can use it for technique training because of a small wheelbase and a flat frame with 100mm wheels. Click here to check out the Pro-Ski Skate S5E. Enjoy!

02.02.2013 - new rollerski brand in our shop is happy to present you a new rollerski brand in our shop - Pro-Ski - a famous scandinavien brand focussed on producing the best rollerskis. Today we want to show you the Pro-Ski C2 Flex - a classic rollerski made out of feather-steel. For more information click here.


31.01.2013 - SRB SR01 @

See the new SRB SR01 skating rollerski in our online shop More information here.

30.01.2013 - New SRB skating rollerski in our shop.

We offer a new rollerski from SRB - the SRB SR05 Skate-Z Alu 100. It's a rollerski made for heavy weight skiers. Explore the SRB SR05 here.

29.01.2013 - The Elpex Team 610

We are proud to offer you the Elpex Team 610. More information here.

21.01.2013 - New design of the Skiroller Magazin

The Skiroller Magazin got a new desing. The articles are written in german but you can use the google translation tool. Get some news about roller-skiing techniques and enjoy nordic sports. Check out @

17.01.2013 - 80mm wheels for skating rollerskis

Check our new spare wheel for skating rollerskis - the 80mm tire incl. bearings and spacer. Get more information here.

15.01.2013 - Salomon spare parts for profil bindings

From now on you can order spare parts for Salomon SNS Profil bindings. We offer flexors, front and back parts of the bindings. Just take a look at our spareparts for bindings.

13.01.2013 - DSV xc-skiing cup

Next weekend the first competition of the german DSV Skilanglaufserie - a cup of marathon races on nordic skis - starts with the Erzgebirgs-Skimarathon in Oberwiesenthal. Besides the ski race in Oberwiesenthal, the Rennsteiglauf (marathon race in Oberhof), the Kammlauf (euroloppet race in Klingenthal) and the Skadiloppet in Bodenmais are some ski races you should participate in. The team of took part in the last years. We can recommend these races to all skiers who are seeking for new races. In the Skiroller Magazin we'll write articles about several races. Choose the translation to read them in english. 

30.12.2012 - New offroad rollerski

The year 2012 ends but shows you new products: the Powerslide X-Trail 150 skating rollerski. Heavy weight skiers will find their new rollerski for bad asphalt and bad roads. For more information please take a look at the Powerslide X-Trail 150.

19.11.2012 - SRB SkateFlex 100 clip

Our new video clip about the skating rollerski SRB SkateFlex 100. We tested this modell on a cloased road. The ski got an amazing flexible frame and remembers of cross-country skiing. That's why we took the SRB rollerski in our shop-portfolio. Take a look at our youtube-channel and enjoy the new clip of roller skiing on SRB SkateFlex 100.

13.11.2012 - New video channel for xc skiing techniques

See the new xc skiing videos channel on youtube made by Skischule Klingenthal (professional skiing instructor fokussed on nordic skiing). Check our youtube channel and follow into the world of cross-country skiing. We offer technique clips about skating, classic and braking with nordic skis. Especially advanced skiers can improve their skiing skills by checking the technique tutorials. Juste take a look and enjoy!

23.09.2012 - new technique clip - the double poling

See our new clip of classic technique called double poling. Click at our youtube channel and enjoy a huge world of technique clips for skating and classic skiing technique. Improve your skiing skills - Enjoy roller skiing!

03.09.2012 - Skating technique for roller skiing: V1

See a new clip about the skating technique V1 for roller skiing and xc-skiing. You can see how it works and you can improve your skiing skills. Use these technique for skiing uphil. Take a look at our youtube channel and see more!

29.08.2012 - Video Elpex Wasa 610 online

See our new video about the Elpex Wasa 610 roller ski.

27.08.2012 - Classic technique on rollerskis and xc-skis

We released a new article about the classic technique in rollerskiing in our blog. Take a look at our clips on youtube too. If you have questions don't hessitate to contact us. 

22.08.2012 - Nordic Cross Skating onroad

Our new clip of nordic cross skating onroad in our youtube cahnnel. We show you some skating techniques like the V1 alternate and V2 (1-skating). In flat areas you can skate with 30km/h and more while using these skating techniques. Just take a look and try out. 

You can find some details of skating techniques in our blog. Enjoy!


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