NORDICX Skate Professional 700

NORDICX Skate Professional 700

NORDICX Skate Professional 700 – extra long skate roller-ski for on-snow feeling. From Klingenthal, Germany. Special discount for ski-clubs on request.

The NORDICX Skate Professional 700 is our answer to on-snow kick on roller-skis. The extra long shaft of 700mm provide straight rolling while kicking without sliding to the side (like smaller roller-skis do). The axle point is a little bit higher so stand-height becomes lower with positive benefit of handling. The stiff but flexible and light aluminum shaft gives stability and flex as well. So it feels like nordic-skiing while rolling as well.

The 100mm rubber wheels come in three speed types and two different wheels:

  • Fast (index 1) like icy snow with less resistance
  • Medium (index 2) most sold type, known from standard snow, best training wheel, we recommend
  • Slow (index 3) high resistance known from new snow at 0°C. For power training or marathon racers in winter.


The standard wheel is made for good ground and dry condition. Variable is the premium wheel - extreme long-life (three times more than standard wheel), very good grip in wet and comfortable handling (damping inside) with plastic rim. Version with high-end wheel comes with polyurethane coat and aluminum rim.

The nordic magazine Nordic Sports voted our NORDICX Skate Professional 700 to one of the six best rollerskis on market (next to our model Hybrid) and gave the zertificate Tipp for skate starters.


Details NORDICX Skate Professional 700:

  • Roller-Skis for skate style
  • shaft: light and stiff aluminum with upper axle points for better handling
  • wheelbase: 700mm
  • ground clearance: around 4cm
  • stand height: around 5.5cm
  • wheels: 100mm x 24mm standard rubber with aluminum rim, premium wheel with soft polyurethane and plastic rim, high end wheel with aluminum rim and polyurethane coat
  • Speed: fast (speed index 1), medium (index 2), slow (index 3)

  • bearings: 608 2RS premium bearings
  • weight (one pair): around 1.75kg
  • color: black


In the cart you can fill in your boot size while giving us your shipping address to mount the binding right.

Advice and information about the rollerski sport you can find in our selection roller skiing


from 299,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day

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NORDICX Skate Professional 700 in action

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(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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