NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree

NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree


NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree – 100% wax free classic skis. Environmental and economic xc-skiing without any need for kick and glide wax. Faster than lot of skin skis. Extreme good grip uphill. From Klingenthal, Germany.

The NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree are our tribute to one of the best style in xc-skiing – the classic technique. Up to today there was a need for kick wax in the kick zone (if there is no skin ski) and for glide wax in the glide zone. Forget all! The NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree comes with a micro-nano race base. While gliding the base closes the structure and provide amazing gliding without lost of speed. Up-hill, the fine hair of the glide-base provide perfect kick. For wet snow we equip the NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree with a mohair ski for powerful kick and grip. In tests, the NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree was 15sek. faster at 1km than skin skis in new snow condition around -3°C.

The inner is made out of a new polyurethane core, reinforced by carbon and fiberglass. Less weight and perfect handling is the result. The NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree do not need a small skiers-weight range and come in three sizes:

  • ski size 176cm for 40-75kg
  • ski size 187cm for 60-95kg
  • ski size 198cm for 70-120kg

Conclusion: The NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree is made for sportive skiers who do not want to spend time and money for waxing. Further for racers who are seeking for a simple classic ski for training in all snow and temperature and for races in difficult condition. Environmental and economic focused skiers will have fun without spending money of money for toxic fluorocarbone waxes and by help of a long-life core you do not need new skis every year! All incl. very good grip uphill.

Important: The NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree need around 30km at first ride to provide the best effect of the base. Before every use let them cool down (around 10min) outside without any snow contact. For speed fans or difficult snow we recommend the START Anti-Ice (find in selection box).


Details NORDICX Aschberg Classic Waxfree:

  • xc-skis for classic style

  • complete wax free base (no glide wax, no kick wax needed)

  • base: micro-nano race base for fast glide and grip

  • core: polyurethane reinforced by carbon for long-life

  • skin: short race skin for perfect gliding and perfect grip up-hill in wet snow

  • sizes: 176cm, 187cm, 198cm

  • weight: 176cm for 40-75kg (skiers weight); ski size 187cm for 60-95kg; ski size 198cm for 70-120kg
  • wide: 44mm
  • weight ski: 590gr at 187cm

  • for training and race

  • with proud from Klingenthal, Germany

To send you an individual and right fitting pair of skis, we need to know your size, weight, boots size and skiers level. You can fill in into the address area in the field boots size.



449,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day

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Nordicx Aschberg Classic Waxfree in action


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