NORDICX was founded in 2012 in Klingenthal (Germany) as an web shop to offer the best products for roller-skiing and cross-skating. The city is famous for winter sports world wide. Many famous winter athletes like Björn Kircheisen, Eric Frenzel (both nordic combined) and Richard Freitag (ski jumping) are placed in Klingenthal.

Further the region has a long tradition of manufacturing skis. The company Germina was placed in Klingenthal and made nordic-skis for the german democratic republic. For a reason to continue this tradition with own products made for roller-skiing, cross-skating and nordic-skiing as well.

The products are made in Germany with high requirements to ethic, ecology and quality. The cloths are made without silk-screen printing and the materials are certified by ÖKOTEX standards. develops products close to the customer. Because of direct selling the products are not that expensive with made in Germany.


Next to cloths offers own produces roller-skis like the NORDICX Hybrid Skate 125 made in Germany. The roller-skis are equip with a lot of inovation like extrem on-snow feeling, balanced handling and  balanced shafts, changeable wheels to 100mm, best alumium on market, etc. Next to roller-skis with the model ASCHBERG and KLINGENTHAL releases xc-skis for all skiers levels coming from the region around the skiers city Klingenthal.


Check here the products.


Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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