SkiTire – lightest nordic cross skates with high quality made in EU.

SkiTire is a European brand developed in Poland. The owner of SkiTire is an ambitious nordic-skier who was looking for an adequate solution to ski in summer and snow-free periods. The winter gets warmer with less snow and that’s why the 1978 founded metal company started to develope a light and price-less cross-skate – the Skitire. The cross-skates are developed and produced in Poland. It shows that it is no problem to made high-end skates with low price outside of China.

The idea of Skike and SRB was perfected more and more. With the CX005, SkiTire offers a light high end cross-skate for nearly all athletes. The construction is clever and smart by a weight reduced frame with mortise joints, an adjustable adapter plate to regulate the boot size on the front, high-end straps with clever size regulation and padding of the cuff-shell.

The SkiTire is made really simple but clever. The skates are high-end made with focus on less weight and long-life using.


See more information regarding SkiTire cross-skates like the CX005, here.


Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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