SWIX is one of the most famous brands in the nordic sports world. It was founded in 1946 when an entrepreneur and a professional skier tried to find the best ski wax in the world. In the year 1948 they gave it to the Swedish National Team and they won all xc-skiing disciplines by help of the SWIX waxes. From that time on, the successful history of SWIX began.

Now SWIX is famous – next to their ski wax – for xc-skiing cloths, poles and roller-skis. 1947 they bought a norwegian ski pole company and today they are the biggest ski-poles producer in the world. 70% of the xc-skiers in world cup are equip with SWIX poles.

Some years ago, SWIX and the Swedish Pro-Ski cooperate and SWIX released their fist own roller-ski range. In 2018/19 they had the most expensive roller-ski on market – called SWIX Triac Carbon roller-skis.

Check out our range of SWIX rollerskis, poles and parts here.


Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




NORDICX is rolling for you from 9th to 12th June.

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