Nordic-Skiing Clips


See our nordic-skiing technique clips we made. Here is an overfiew of the most important skiing-techniques in classic and skating. All of our clips you can see in our YouTube channel. We made most of them in the nordic-ski tunnel in Oberhof were you can ski the whole year. If you are looking for an professional nordic-skiing instruction just let us know. In our nordic ski-school (Skischule Klingenthal) we'll show you everything of cross-country skiing. Enjoy our clips :-)


classic techniques:

The diagonal stride


The double pole (for sprints)

The one step double pole

Skate techiques:

V2 Skating


V2 alternate skating (left side)



V1 skating (left side)



How to stop:

The snow-plow




The skate-turn



Downhill techniques


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NORDICX is rolling for you from 9th to 12th June.

We are on the way to test the newest and freshest rollerskis for you, from Wednesday 9th June to...
NORDICX is rolling for you from 9th to 12th June. » Continue

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