Peltonen is a Finish nordic ski company and was founded in 1945 by Toivo Peltonen. He was a xc-skier and won the first Olympic medals for Finland with his own skis. In 2011 the company Peltonen went to Heinola in a larger and more modern factory. Now Peltonen is one of the most popular company in Scandinavia and well know in other countries around the globe. The focus of Peltonen goes into nordic-skiing with an individual touch.

All Peltonen xc-skis are handmade and made with proud and love in Finland. Next to individualization the nordic skis of Peltonen are filled with much technique and innovation. Some models of the Peltonen classic skis are equip with the patented Nanogrip ski base. The base is made out of a synthetic material which doesn’t need glide or grip wax. The skis work in every single condition with perfection in grip and glide. With Peltonen skiers will have a perfect xc-ski in 0°C condition and wet or cold weather as well.

Next to the Nanogrip technology Peltonen is the first nordic ski company who builds skis with CNT-nanocarbon. It makes the nordic skis stiffer and much lighter with the result of better and optimized power transfer while kicking or in fast down-hill passages while races.

To be sure that every nordic ski pair has the same flex, Peltonen measures both skis and ship them when they are the same. Every skier will get an exact same pair of two skis.

Peltonen offer a huge range of different xc-skis for classic and skate. With the Peltonen Supra X Skate and Infra X Classic the finish company has two world cup skis. The base is extreme fast and made for the best athletes of the world. The same goes with the core – extreme light for a maximum power transfer. But next to world cup skis there are models for Worldloppet racers and sportive skiers as well.


Finally every skier will find with Peltonen skis the best model. To see our range of Peltonen skis check here.


Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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