Shipping and Charges

Dispatch conditions

We ship worldwide to following countries.

Shipping costs (incl. VAT)

Shipping to Germany (1-3 days):

Shipping costs are 4.00 € per order.


Shipping to foreign countries:

Europe_1*: Austria, Belgium, Netherlands (without areas out of Europe), Luxemburg, Denmark (without Greenland and Färöer-Islands)

Delivery in 2-3 days: Standard-Shipping 8.00 €, XXL-Shipping (skis & poles) 10.00 €


Europe_2*: Switzerland, Monaco, Poland, Italy (without Livigno and Campione d'Italia), Slovenia, Hungary, France (without areas out of Europe and departments), Great Britan (without Gibraltar and Channel Islands), Liechtenstein, Czech Republic

Delivery in 2-4 days: Standard-Shipping 12.00 €, XXL- Shipping (skis & poles) 20.00 €


Europe_3: Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Croatia, Bulgaria, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Ireland, Greece

Delivery in 2-5 days: Standard-Shipping 15.00 €, Standard XXL-Shipping (skis & poles) 35.00 €

Delivery in 1-2 days: Express-Shipping 30.00 €, Express XXL-Shipping (skis & poles) 80.00 €


Rest of Europe (Russia, Ukrain, Greenland, Iceland, etc.); North America (Canada, USA) & Israel

Delivery in 4-12 days: Standard-Shipping 30.00 €, Standard XXL-Shipping (skis & poles) 110.00 €

Delivery in 1-2 days: Express-Shipping 90.00 €, Express XXL-Shipping (skis & poles) 150.00 €


Worldwide: Middle and South America, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, etc.

Delivery in 5-12 days: Standard-Shipping 45.00 €, Standard XXL-Shipping (skis & poles) 160.00 €

Delivery in 1-3 days: Express-Shipping 120.00 €, Express XXL-Shipping (skis & poles) 200.00 €


* Express shipping on request       


Terms of delivery

We ship to Germany in 1 - 3 days, to foreign countries in 2 - 14  days (Express shipping 1 - 4 days). If you do prepayment delivery time starts after incomming payments. No delivery at Sunday and red letter days.


Terms of payment

Payment options for delivery in Germany:

  • Payment in advance

  • Payment by cash on delivery

  • Payment by PayPal

  • Payment by PayPal Express


Payment options for delivery to countries out of Germany:

  • Payment in advance

  • Payment by PayPal

  • Payment by PayPal Express 

  • Payment by cash on delivery (only for Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxemburg, Hungary, Netherlands)




Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55





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