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Skike is a company and also the name for cross-skates who were developed by the Austrian Otto Eder. The name Skike is made out of the terms ski and bike to show the range of application of the skates. With these cross-skates you can “ski” in skate technique on-road and off-road on paved forest ways for example.

Since the year 2000 the name Skike is famous. The first ready skate stepped into the market. After three years developing the V0-model was born. Over the years the models V03, V05 and V07 were born. The current model – the Skike V07 Plus – is equipped with many optimizations. In the year 2014 Skike offer their new cross-skates V7 Fix Cross and V8 Lift Cross (with flexible heel and locking device).

The Skike V7 Fix Cross is the further development of the Skike V07 Plus with optimized frame and different straps. The Skike V07 Plus is a skate for beginners – the V7 Fix Cross for professional and advanced skaters. The Skike V8 Lift Cross is a complete new cross-skate with locking device and heel lifting – a really interesting training skate for ski touring in summer.

A Skike has pneumatic wheels with 150mm dimension. Each skate is equipped by a calf brake. If you like to skate a Skike you can always use your normal shoes (Sneakers, etc.).



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