The history of Sporten began a long time ago. Since more than 100 years Sporten produces skis. In the past the produced them handmade but a lot changed in the last years. Now Sporten is a winter sports brand who offers a huge range of products. They produce nordic-skis, alpine skis, snowboards and skis for ski-jumping. Sporten exports their goods to Japan, USA and Scandinavia.

Sporten focuses on producing high class winter sports goods with adequate prices. That’s why you can buy a high class skate racingski under 400€. It’s a good price without cuts in quality. For example the Sporten Bohemia Race Skate is made out of light weight materials like honey comb cores coated with carbon. The result is a maximum of performance and minimum weight.

Next to the racing skis Sporten produces nordic-skis for every-day skiers and beginners, too. Best materials are used to give every person the best material for the best sport in the world.


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Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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We complete the range of xc-skis with our new ASCHBERG Race Classic skis. The skis are very...
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