SRB XRS03 cross-skates – the small brother of the XRS02. We recommend for boot sizes up to EU 43. Made in Germany. Model 2021 in blue with new plastic straps and new rim.

With the SRB XRS03 the Thuringia company offers a small version of the XRS02. The SRB XRS03 cross-skates are made for boot size up to 44 but we recommend up to EU 43 because the front of the binding is really small.

The SRB XRS03 cross-skates are THE nordic-skates. The shaft is made out of hard aluminum. By help of the SRB patented swing, the XRS03 is very stable. They are for skaters up to 90kg weight. For heavier athletes we can offer a 140kg version with double swing technology. Please contact us if you like to order.

Next to a stable frame the SRB XRS03 has the famous 150mm aluminum rim. They are made for bad roads and light off-road terrain. For real off-road skating we recommend the XRS06 with 200mm wheels. Beside wheels and shaft the SRB XRS03 cross-skates have a perfect fixation – a binding known from snowboards you can use with your own boots. We recommend to use thin boots (like sneakers) for better contact and better handling. We offer a cheaper version with plastic rims. The aluminum rims spin better and the change of the coat is easier.

Both SRB XRS03 cross-skates are equip with a calf-brake. The brake is fixed on the under leg and works really good – in wet as well.

We offer a version of the SRB XRS03 cross-skates incl locking device of the back wheels. It helps to stand in uphill area without rolling back or made for extreme small ways where skate style is not possible.

Conclusion:  The SRB XRS03 are THE cross-skates!


Details SRB XRS03 Cross-Skates:

  • Frame material: aluminum
  • Wheelbase: 525mm
  • Stand height: ca. 61mm
  • Ground clearance: ca. 37mm
  • Wheels: air tire (max 6,3 bar), tube with car valve
  • Wheel diameter: 150mm x 30mm  
  • Rim: aluminum or plastic
  • Two brakes – one on each skate
  • Weight of one skate: ca. 2.29kg (version with alu rims), ca. 2.24 (plastic rims)
  • Color: black/blue
  • Justable sizes (36 - 43)
  • up to 90kg body weight, stiffer version up to 130kg
  • Quality made in Germany
  • model 2019/20 in blue
  • official retail price 499€


You can find advice and information about cross-skating in our selection cross-skating

Reduced from 519,99 EUR now only from 469,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day

Version with locking wheels currently not in stock.

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SRB XRS02 model 2017 test by


Elpex Roller Ski Bag deluxe

Elpex Roller Ski Bag deluxe

High Class rollerski bag with zipper and a huge pocket for up to 5 pair of rollerskis or one pair cross-skates. For offroad rollerskis as well. Big size.

SRB Wheel Complete 150mm

SRB Wheel Complete 150mm

Complete wheel from SRB for SRB XRS01, SRB XRS02 and Powerslide rollerskis and cross-skates. 150mm pneumatic wheel with aluminum rim, bearings and spacers.

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SRB XRS06 Cross-Skates

SRB XRS06 Cross-Skates

The real cross skates made in Germany. With 200mm big pneumatic tires for offroad skating. Version with harder schaft.

SRB XRS07 Cross-Skates

SRB XRS07 Cross-Skates

Smaler version of SRB XRS06 for sizes up to EUR 44. With very off road wheels and less weight. Made in Germany.



THE Nordic Cross-Skate. High quality and best handling. Made in Germany.


Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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