MARWE 700 A Classic

MARWE 700 A Classic


MARWE 700 A Classic – rollerski for diagonal stride with aluminum shaft and good wheels. Good roller-skis for low price. Made in Finland.

The MARWE 700 A Classic comes with an standard aluminum shaft. The shaft is hard and not that ski-similar but recommend for heavy skiers and athletes who are seeking for good wheels without focus on on-snow feeling.

The wheels on MARWE 700 A Classic are high-class with long-life, good handling in wet and different types of resistance. We offer following speed types:

  • fast speed (SC0 / 6C0): Low resitance known from fast and icy snow. For speed training.
  • standard speed /medium (SC6 / 6C6): Middle resistance known from new snow. Most sold model.
  • slow speed (SC7 / 6C7): Height resistance known from wet snow on xc-skis
  • extra slow speed (SC8 / 6C8): extra high resistance (like skiing on honey ;-)


Next to the wheel and shaft the MARWE 700 A Classic has standard mud flaps to protect from mud, dirt and water.

Conclusion: The MARWE 700 A Classic is a solid rollerski with good wheel. To find a model with more focus on ski-similarity, the Elpex Wasa would be a good choice in this price field.


Details MARWE Classic 700 A:

  • Rollerski for classic style
  • Shaft: aluminum
  • Wheelbase: 700mm
  • Shaft Wide: ca. 4,0cm
  • Stand Height: ca. 5.2cm
  • Ground Clearance: ca. 3.2cm
  • Wheel: 80 x 40mm Rubber
  • Speed: SCR (Race), SC0 (fast), SC6 (mdeium/standard), SC7 (slow), SC8 (extra slow)
  • Bearings: 608RS
  • Weight (pair): ca. 2kg
  • Color: Yellow
  • incl. mud flaps
  • Made in Finnland

In the area “cart” you have the option to give us your boot size. We need to know to mount all parts for free and individual.

Reduced from 390,00 EUR now only 339,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day

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Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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