SWENOR Fibreglass Cap

SWENOR Fibreglass Cap


The SweNor Fibreglass Cap provides the best ski-feeling. One of the most sold classic rollerskis. Model of 2021 comes in a fresh design and new light aluminum forks.

The composite frame on the SweNor Fibreglass Cap is made out of thin and light layers of wood and fibreglass. The sandwich construction helps that the different materials work together. The frame of the SweNor Fibreglass Cap provides good skiing comfort on bad roads. The frame absorbs the vibrations from the ground and gives you smooth comfort. Furthermore roller-skiing on SweNor Fibreglass Cap feels like nordic-skiing.

The SweNor Fibreglass Cap is equipped with soft wheels to support the ski-feeling. With medium speed the wheels don’t wear out that fast. On wet asphalt they have a good handling, too. The flat top of the wheels on the SweNor Fibreglass Cap help to give you a stable handling – e.g. in diagonal striding.

Some facts why the SweNor Fibreglass Cap is one of the most famous classic rollerskis. Well known athletes like Petter Northug use the SweNor Fibreglass Cap for their training.

Conclusion: The SweNor Fibreglass Cap is one of the best classic rollerskis for nordic-skiers. The light-weight frame and the wide wheels unit all demands on classic rollerskis. For advanced skiers we recommend our speed reducers we mount on the front wheels (picture 5). They give you up to 40% more rolling resistance for a harder and better training.


product details SweNor Fibreglass Cap:

  • Frame material: Lightweight wood and carbonfibre with new aluminum forks
  • Wheelbase: 730mm
  • Frame width: 40mm
  • Stand height (without binding): 55mm
  • Ground clearance: 30mm
  • Wheel diameter: 70mm rubber wheels incl. reverse lock
  • Wheel width: 45mm
  • Speed: medium (2) or slow (3)
  • Weight pair of rollerskis: 2kg
  • Color: yellow/white
  • Incl. mudguards
  • option: with speed reducers
  • Quality made in Norway


Advice and information about the rollerski sport you can find in our selection roller skiing.

299,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day


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