ELPEX Hybrid Classic

ELPEX Hybrid Classic


ELPEX Hybrid – classic rollerskis with mixture wheels and mixture of on-snow feeling and stability. Made in Sweden.

The ELPEX Hybrid Classic is made for advance skiers who are locking for an roller-ski which provide on-snow feeling and performance like 40mm wide wheeled skis do; but provide stability of 50mm wide rollerskis.

On front axle the ELPEX Hybrid Classic comes with 40mm soft rubber wheels in medium speed and on the rear axle with 50mm wide stable and soft rubber wheels and locking system.

The shaft is a light composite model and provide much flex and on-snow feeling.


Details ELPEX Hybrid Classic:

  • Composite shaft with integrated damping system (forks in shaft)
  • Wheelsbase 700mm
  • Wheels: front 70x40mm Elpex rubber wheels, back 70x50mm Elpex rubber wheels
  • Speed: Medium
  • Locking: on back wheels
  • Stand heigh: ca 5.8cm
  • Ground clearance: ca 3.3cm
  • Weight (one pair) ca 2.2kg
  • Color white
  • Made in Sweden
319,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day

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Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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