The FREEWALK– a mixture of skis and snow shoes. Made for deep powder. Recommend for hunters, fishers and nature fans who are seeking for backcountry. Use withaout need for special ski boots like hiking boots, winter boots, etc. Inclusive binding.

With the FREEWALK you’ll get a pair of skis, which feels like snow shoes. In deep snow you’ll not sink. Up-hill the FREEWALK provides perfect grip by help of the climbing skin. Down-hill the ski base allows to glide and feel like skiing.

Because of 120cm length and 13.6cm wide, the FREEWALK is very easy to store on a rucksack and easy to ride with your own shoes because of the version with binding we offer. The X-Trace is easy to adjust to your boot size. The free heel allows easy going up-hill and good control downhill.

The wood core makes the FREEWALK very flexible even on changing ground.

Conclusion: The hunting area of the FREEWALK is deep snow far away from ski slopes. Real hunters, fishers, nature fans, etc. will have a reliable partner for those areas. If there is a down-hill passage, you can easy glide instead of snow-shoes.



  • mixture of skis and snow-shoes
  • for all backcountry terrain
  • base made out of graphite with up-hill ski, side wall with steel edge
  • incl. binding: binding incl. free heel, recommend for all boots, wide and length adjustable
  • measurement: 120cm length, wide 13.6cm
  • core made out of real stable but light wood
  • no maximum weight
  • Made in EU
479,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

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1 to 3 Day

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YOKO Backcountry Forest Ski Poles

YOKO Backcountry Forest Ski Poles

Ski poles made for offroad skiing in backcountry. For deep snow as well. From Finland.


Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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