Rundle Sport RS610 Skate

Rundle Sport RS610 Skate


Rundle Sport RS610 Skate – patented rollerski with new flex system. Made in Canada and rollerski of the Canadian and French ski teams.

The Rundle Sport RS610 Skate offers a new damping system: Most rollerski brands use a flexible frame made out of materials like aluminum, carbon, fiberglass or wood. The Rundle Sport RS610 Skate doesn’t care. A standard aluminum shaft is enough. The interesting fact is the damping system included in the frame. The forks are free in the shaft and equipped by a rubber pad. There are three different pads in the Rundle Sport RS610 Skate: a soft rubber for skiers up to 70kg, a medium for 70 – 80kg and a stiff one for all over 80kg body weight.

The handling of the Rundle Sport RS610 Skate is known from nordic-skiing. Real on-snow feeling while the push. You can feel uphill and in the flat area. Rough roads are no problem, too. The damping system absorbs forces from the ground.

The soft wheels of the Rundle Sport RS610 Skate do the same. They absorb forces and provide best handling on wet. Because of the material rubber, the wheels are made for long using with low abrasion. In Europe they are known on Elpex Skate rollerskis and made out of better quality than Marwe.


Conclusion: The Rundle Sport RS610 Skate is a really smooth skate model for all skaters who are seeking for on-snow feeling in the snow-less period or areas. Skiers who are on the top of the weight we recommend the stiffer version.

Details Rundle Sport RS610 Skate:

  • material: light aluminum with free forks and rubber pad for damping
  • wheelbase: 610mm
  • frame wide: ca. 4cm
  • stand high (except binding): ca. 6.5cm (without any pressure)
  • ground clearance: ca. 4cm (without any pressure)
  • wheels: 100 x 24mm rubber
  • bearings: 608RS (double washers)
  • speed: medium (2)
  • weight of one pair: ca. 1.86kg
  • color: silver/green
  • versions: skiers weight up to 69kg, 70-79kg, over 80kg
  • made in Canada
Reduced from 369,99 EUR now only 249,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day

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