MARWE 620 XC Skate

MARWE 620 XC Skate


MARWE 620 XC Skate - Roller skis for the skate technique with very good wheels and a flexible ski rail from Finland. Training model for numerous ski teams. Available in two different versions.

After extensive testing, we have now added the MARWE 620 XC Skate roller skis to our range. The reason for the delay was the unstable frames of the previous models, which occasionally broke. From the 2016 season, the Finns have reinforced the frame of the MARWE 620 XC Skate and trimmed it for durability.

The current roller skis are available in two versions: a stiff and a soft version. For reasons of durability, we recommend the hard version of the MARWE 620 XC for riders over 80kg. The shaft of the MARWE 620 XC skate roller skis consists of a Peloton ski with reinforcement. As a result, the roller ski has a very ski-like feel and slightly bounces - familiar from cross-country skiing. The underside is equipped with a plastic reinforcement that keeps the inside of the frame dry and therefore stable, even if it is torn open by bumps or stones.

However, the Scandinavian company is better known for its wheel construction, which has been transferred to the MARWE 620 XC Skate roller skis. The wheels are among the best on the market and are characterised by their durability, low wear and very good grip in wet and dry conditions. Thanks to the standard splash guards, the lower area such as shoes and lower legs remain dry even in wet conditions. We offer the MARWE 620 XC roller skis with different rolling resistances. The different speeds are designed to make special cross-country training even more targeted:


  •     US 0: fast speed comparable to icy and hard snow conditions on cross-country skis. But too slow for roller ski races.
  •     US 6: Standard speed as on normal to new snow. Our recommendation for almost all skiers
  •     US 7: slow speed as on wet snow. Recommended for cross-country skiers who want to train for strength and endurance (double pole units, footwork, etc.)
  •     US 8: very slow speed exclusively for professionals and cross-country skiers who only train on flat terrain


Conclusion: Thanks to the different speed ranges, the MARWE 620 XC Skate roller skis are focused on cross-country skiers. Our recommendation is the standard speed US6, which is suitable for almost all performance classes.

Our service: As a specialist shop for roller skis, we fit the MARWE 620 XC Skate professionally, individually and free of charge. When ordering, you can specify your shoe size so that we can fit everything precisely.


Details MARWE 620 XC Skate:

  • Rollerskis for skate-style
  • Shaft: ski shaft with carbon (nano carbon air core), base with plastic reinforcement Länge: 620mm, soft version up to 80kg and stiff version up to 100kg skiers weight
  • Wide: ca. 4.2cm
  • Stand Height: ca. 6cm (without pressure)
  • Ground Clearance: ca 3.8cm (without pressure)
  • Wheels: 100 x 24mm PU (polyurethane)
  • Speed: US0 fast, US6 standard, US7 slow, US8 extreme slow
  • Rim: plastic
  • Bearings: 608RS
  • Weight one piar: ca. 1.85kg
  • Color: yellow
  • incl. mud flaps


You can give us your boot size in the area cart. It helps us to mount your rollerskis individual and right fitted.


459,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day

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