NORDICX World Cup Race

NORDICX World Cup Race


NORDICX World Cup Race – high-end race machine made in Germany. Different wheels for all conditions. Top version incl. ceramic rollerski race bearings. Special discount for ski-clubs on request.

Our NORDICX World Cup Race rollerskis come with an extreme stable and light shaft. The stiff construction transfers nearly all of the kick into speed without forming. Next to the shaft the NORDICX World Cup Race comes with different wheels:


  • 74 A in pink - maximum speed in wet and rain with optimum of grip. For cold and dry condition as well.
  • 76 A in yellow - maximum speed  on wet ground and temperature over 20°C. Also for dry and cold condition up to 20°C.
  • 78 A in orange – maximum speed on dry ground for athletes up to 85kg and temperature up to 25°C.
  • 80 A in green – maximum speed on dry ground and temperature of 20 - 30°C. Also for athletes up to 95kg weight.
  • 82 A in red - maximum speed on dry ground and high temperature over 30°C. For heavy skiers and athletes with amazing kick (in sprint races).

Futher we offer a cheaper version with hard plastic rim 100mm PU race wheels in 78A with race bearings.

You can choose between the standard race bearings (608 Z) with one washer and the ceramic bearings with one washer for extreme speed. Please notice that all bearings have to been checked after every race because they run free without any lubricant!

NORDICX World Cup Race – Speed made in Germany.


NORDICX World Cup Race:

  • Race rollerskis for competitions and races
  • for skate style
  • shaft made out of stiff and light aluminum
  • 530mm wheelbase
  • wheels: 100x24mm wheels (74A-82A shore) with aluminum rim; NORDICX 78A PU-race wheel with plastic rim
  • bearings: standard race 608Z and ceramic race bearing 608Z
  • weight (one rollerski): 670gr
  • optional incl. mud flaps
  • color: white
  • Made in Germany


Please give us your boot size where you can fill in your address. We need to mount the binding exactly.


from 209,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day

1 / 15


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