Rollerski Skate Wheel 100mm

Rollerski Skate Wheel 100mm


The standard skate training wheel for all skating rollerskis brands like NORDICX, IDT, SRB, SWIX, Fischer, Elpex, Pro-Ski, SkiGo, Skiskett, Powerslide, SweNor, etc. for wheels of 100mm x 24mm diameter. The skating wheel gives good grip in wet conditions with low abrasion. Perfect trainings effect because of version fast, medium or slow speed. High quality rollerski bearings with mud-, dust- and water protection for long skiing with medium resistance.

  • fast speed (index 1), less resistance like icy tracks on nordic-skis
  • medium speed (index 2), medium resistance, most sold wheel, standard wheel of many brands
  • slow speed (3), high resistance like cold snow on skis

We offer a variation except and incl. S 608-2RS rollerski bearings premium made out of stainless steel.

The quantity of your ordered wheels you can choose in the cart. Fill in the quantity and click on "update". 

The standard wheel for 100mm skate roller-skis of: NORDICX skate roller-skis, IDT, SweNor Skate Long, SweNor Skate Elite, SRB SR01, SRB SR02, SRB SR05, Quionne Carbon Fiber Skate, Fischer Carbonlite Skate, Fischer RC7, Powerslide X-Trail 110, Powerslide XC-Superlight, Pro-Ski Skate S5E, Swix Skate S5E. Fits on much other brands as well.


product details rollerski skating wheel 100mm:

  • 100mm skating wheel

  • variation: wheel incl. S 608-2RS rollerski bearings premium made out of stainless steel or without bearing
  • Wheel: 100mm x 24mm

  • Material: aluminum core with rubber coat

  • Shore: fast (80), medium (78A), slow (76A)

  • Speed: fast, slow, medium

  • compatible with all skating rollerskis with 100mm x 24-26mm wheels like: NORDICX, IDT, SRB, Fischer, Marwe, SkiGo, SWIX, Elpex, Swix, Pro-Ski, Quionne, Powerslide, Skiskett, Weasel, Stamina, Rundle Sport, DMS, KV2, Powerslide and many other brands.



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NORDICX Roller-Ski Premium Wheel 100mm complete

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Rollerski Skate Wheel 100mm

100x24mm rollerski wheel for skate rollerskis in fast, medium and slow. Version incl. high quality bearings. Compatible with 100mm skating rollerskis from NORDICX, SRB, SweNor, Fischer, Elpex, Powerslide, Pro-Ski, SkiGo, Ski Skett, Marwe, etc.


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