YOKO YXS Optigrip 2.0 Lady

YOKO YXS Optigrip 2.0 Lady


YOKO YXS Optigrip 2.0 Lady – female version of the revolutionary new ski from Finland. Base for all condition without waxing. Skis for all weight classes. Made in Finland.

The YOKO YXS Optigrip 2.0 Lady is the revolution in classic skiing. The patented base is made out of nano particles and provides best gliding down-hill known from wax skis. Up-hill the small particles works and helps to do a powerful kick. The YOKO YXS Optigrip 2.0 Lady works without any wax. You don’t need glide wax or grip wax.

The core of the YOKO YXS Optigrip 2.0 Lady is made out of wood and smaller than standard classic skis. It makes them softer but by using wood, stiff as well. Because of a complete grip zone there is no need for special weight classes. Beginners can choose the skis 5-10cm over body height. Hobby skiers and pros can choose 10-20cm longer. A small xc-ski works better donw-hill with more control. Longer skis glide better and faster.

Important: Let them always before using cool down by outside temperature (5-10min). If not the function of the base don’t work. If you use the YOKO YXS Optigrip 2.0 Lady in 0°C condition take some grip and glide wax for better gliding.


Details YOKO YXS Optigrip 2.0 Lady:

  • nordic skis for classic style
  • Optigrip 2.0 base: need no wax, works on all snow in every temperature
  • YXS core: small and light with wood
  • for all snow
  • for all temperature
  • for all skier types
  • Sizes: 175cm, 183cm, 190cm
  • Weight Classes: No need because of complete grip base
  • Choose the right ski by adding 5-10cm to you height (beginner) and 10-20cm (hobby, professional)
  • Color: Pink oder schwarz
  • Made in Finland
Reduced from 249,99 EUR now only 199,99 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Lieferzeit: 1 to 3 Day

delivery time:
1 to 3 Day

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Customer service at the telephone number
(+49) 037467 / 223 55




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